With HP dropping the operating system, device and all support for the HP touchpad and pre phones. They make it clear that they are unable to compete in the mobile market, and as a global giant bows down in the mobile and hardware arena news comes to light with revelations about the lack of powerful hardware HP were prepared to put into the Touchpad.

It has come to light about the team at Hewlett-Packard using the WebOS operating system in there largest rival tablet. There installed the WebOS operating system into a hacked iPad2 finding that the tablet was able to deal with the OS twice as fast as the TouchPad hardware could.

A source who was “close to the subject ” informed the people at The NextWeb about the devastating effects on the moral of the team. It was reported that innovation was stalled with the lack of power the HP hardware was giving to the TouchPad.

“Our source also indicated that HP also had plans to release a 7-inch version of the TouchPad, the TouchPad Go. This was already in production and before yesterday was expected to launch in the coming months. It is unknown whether it will ever see a public launch now. The TouchPad Go was seen as a better looking and nicer feeling device that had the potential to sell, with it believed that sales of the device would outpace the TouchPad’s if it had been released before its larger cousin.”

From this alone the company made an error of judgement of releasing an obsolete unit ahead of a more successful one. A bold move when trying to enter a market which you have not tested the water with. It was also said that the operating system was held back due to HP lacking innovation with a new set of hardware as the TouchPad shell was made 2 years previous to launch. In other words, the hardware sitting in the customers hands is outdated compared to the new OS. HP made a grave error putting the tablet out with no real fighting chance.
Would you agree, did HP try there hardest or just jeopardise the future of their tablet?

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