Today it was announced  that HP is going to be continuing with the operating system that powered the famous TouchPad and Pre phones. However the turning point comes when the Execs state that it wont necessarily be for a phone or tablet as they are leaving that market, but for other devices……….

DeWitt an Exec at HP is quoted as saying “There are going to be appliances of so many different sizes and shapes in the future that are going to require a human interface for data,”.

From this news are we to assume HP are simply trying to spread their eggs abit further afield into future tech which may be useful around everyday life? With speculations flying high at the moment, it is safe to say HP will be weighing up their options carefully.

News also came to light of a possible sale of the OS to companies including HTC,Samsung, Dell or LG. Are we really surprised at this though, with many companies such as Google buying Motorola Mobile business recently for an estimate $12.5 billion, companies clearly have the finance to spend on such investments.

DeWitt was quoted as saying “Our strategy is to be more open, to be a platform that has extensibility to other environments—not the closed architecture.”. From this it is clear the business is not going to give up on the OS, but where could they take it.

HP would be best at this moment in time in adopting the same strategy as google…i.e. leasing out their system to other users as google does with Android, and then  waiting for the market place to develop before releasing products themselves. They clearly overshot the market with steep prices in relation to the hardware value they offered.

Do you think HP would be making a grave error selling it off? Their market place is huge now, the OS has the fighting chance wouldn’t you say?

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