In our new weekly feature we look at the hottest films that our hitting the stores on DVD and the Big Screens at your local Cinema, so without future a due, lets look at this weeks latest releases.

New Big Screen Cinema Releases

1. Dark Knight Rises (20th July) (EDITORS CHOICE OF THE WEEK)

Christopher Nolan’s breathtaking Batman trilogy concludes in jaw-droppingly epic style!

Eight years have passed since the tumultuous events of ‘The Dark Knight’. Having taken the rap for inspirational DA Harvey Dent’s crimes, Batman (Christian Bale) is in exile. His alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, has yet to recover. At least Gotham City is finally at peace. But not for long. As the mysterious Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) tells Wayne, there’s a storm brewing. And that storm brings the full destructive force of the masked, terrifyingly evil Bane (Tom Hardy). When Bane declares all-out war on Gotham, Batman has no choice but to return to the fray for the ultimate showdown. Visionary director Christopher Nolan delivers the finale we’ve all been waiting for as the Dark Knight legend goes into climactic overdrive. Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman brings leather-clad sex appeal. And brilliant Brit Tom Hardy, who was so extraordinary in ‘Bronson’, stakes his claim as the ultimate villain.


2. Art of Rap

A fascinating, in-depth look at rap music with some of the biggest names in the industry and how it has risen to dominate the world.

From its birth on the streets to selling out arenas all over the world, rap music has become one of American’s most popular original art forms. Now Ice-T, recognised as the godfather of Gangsta rap, takes audiences on a journey to show how the music has transformed the lives of those who create and listen to it. With unparalleled access to some of the biggest names in the industry, Ice-T meets everyone from the founders to the newest faces of hip-hop including Dr Dre, Ice-T, Snoop Dog, Mos Def, Common and Kanye West. As well as charting the history of rap music, the film also features freestyle rhymes, classic raps and poignant revelations straight from the mouths of the original artists. The film is a love letter to the art form that has inspired and influenced generations all over the world.


New Big Screen Cinema Releases


A former smuggler from New Orleans faces ruthless drug lords, vicious criminals, corrupt officials, and trigger-happy hit men after getting back into the business to help his brother-in-law settle a deadly debt. When it came to transporting illicit goods under treacherous circumstances, Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) used to be the best in the business. But all of that changed when he chose to give up his life of crime to start a family with Kate (Kate Beckinsale). Chris learns that leaving his past behind is easier said than done, however, after Kate’s brother Andy (Caleb Landry Jones) goes to work for ferocious drug lord Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), and drops the ball on a major deal. Now, in order to set things right, Chris must smuggle millions of dollars in counterfeit bills from Panama into the United States. And if anything goes wrong, Tim will target his entire family for death. With his best friend Sebastian (Ben Foster) by his side and a crackerjack crew along for the ride, Chris heads to Panama for one last job. Later, with time running out and a treacherous maze of desperate criminals to navigate, the job gets complicated, and Chris must race to reach his family before Tim gets to them first. Lukas Haas, Diego Luna, and J.K. Simmons co-star.

2. Act of Valour

An elite team of US Navy SEALs race against the clock to stop a planned terrorist attack on U.S. soil in this film inspired by actual events, which also features a cast of active-duty soldiers. With each successful mission, the Bandito Platoon uncovers another piece of the puzzle that leads them on a worldwide chase to prevent an act of terror that could alter the course of history. Later, at the U.S./Mexico border, the fight for the future of America comes to an explosive climax. Even when it seems as if evil may prevail, the courageous, determined SEALs never show signs of backing down or giving up.

3. We Bought a Zoo

WE BOUGHT A ZOO adapted from the autobiographical memoir by the British Journalist Benjamin Mee. WE BOUGHT A ZOO sees Matt Damon, a Californian columnist six months after the death of his wife, who decides to make a life changing decision to give his family a much needed fresh start by moving to a country manor where he must manage the zoo that accompanies the property. Fortunately Mee inherits the experienced staff, including MacCready (Angus MacFadyen), Robin (Patrick Fugit), Lily (Elle Fanning), and Kelly (Scarlett Johansson) as they set out to bring back the zoo to its former glory. Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire) directs.


4. Damages Season

The first two hours are marked by surprising twists and betrayals. TV’s most cunning series is back in session. – Boston Herald

Devious Patty is still drinking like a fish, while wan Ellen is still seeking her advice (still, Ellen? Really?), and I still will not be able to resist watching every episode I possibly can. – Entertainment Weekly

Trust me, Damages is worth it. And for those without access to DirecTV, worth the wait. – TV Guide


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