The iPad Mini is something that will sell in the millions on launch. The device which is set to to be launched this October if speculation is believed, will set you back anywhere up to £200 in the UK.

Case manufacturers have been apparently rolling out crate loads of cases on the back of leaked images of the the anticipated device. And as a result of the latest rumour, case manufacturers have now halted proaction until they know more. We all know manufacturers can make a mint from producing a case for launch, however, there risk is huge and could have backfired.

Macotakara has said a “large OEM mobile accessory maker has stopped their iPad mini case production, because the form of the iPad mini has changed.”

The exact dimensions wont be known until launch so the latest details could have lost manufactures a huge amount of money. Only time will tell if rumours are correct or not. Im hoping the new iPad will have the curves of the big brother.

What do you want to see?

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